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the last werewolf

After the Dark (The Philosophers)

There’s a girl I know named Petra,
she’s smart and cute etcetera.
I like her hair, it’s blonde and fair
and I’m really glad I metcha.


after the dark (2013)



Jo is a workaholic FBI agent. She started working with the bureau seven years ago, and hasn’t taken a single day off. When she gets hurt on a mission, though, her boss puts her on paid leave, with stern instructions to go on a vacation, relax, and stay out of trouble. Arguing is pointless, and Jo decides to take a stroll down memory lane and spend two weeks in the small coastal town where she grew up.

She doesn’t expect to stumble upon Anna, her childhood friend and first love. In the years they spent apart, Anna has become a journalist at the local newspaper. Against all odds, they find themselves growing closer than ever, until they realize that the love they shared never faded.

Anna knows Jo will leave once more, breaking her heart like she did eleven years ago. And yet, she can’t seem to stay away from her.


Louden Swain’s acoustic stageit show


All I Need - Louden Swain

(It wasn’t just men serenading the girl in the audience~)


Photos of Rob Benedict being amazing.

Taken by me.

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