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Daughter Jaye lives in Niagra Falls. Her blurb, and life, are a work in progress.


"Girls needs a boy…"

They don’t make it sound like an accomplishment…

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  1. What is one song you can listen to on repeat?
    Anything by Ludo. But I listen to a lot of songs on repeat, especially in the mornings. Most recently it was Set the Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol.
  2. What’s your favorite kind of pie?
    I’m not sure I have a favorite? I’m just a huge pie fan. But I guess if I had a fav it would be either apple or pumpkin. Maybe french silk.
  3. What is the most extreme animal you’ve ever petted?
    I don’t know if I’ve ever pet an extreme animal? I’m not really into animal petting. I tend to keep my distance.
  4. Do you have a passport?
    I have a passport card, not passport book. Which is kind of lame and limiting, but they’re cheaper, and I got it when I was a reasonably short drive from Canada and that was the only other country I’d be going to in the near future, so I didn’t really fight my mom’s decision.
  5. Early riser or night owl?
    Night owl who has to get up at six every morning to wrangle children.

I tag no one because I’m too sleepy for this.


I heard you.
I heard you scream in the tunnels at Oak Creek.
That’s why I knew it was the right time … 
to  s t a r t  o v e r.

- We went back for you. Rick and I, we did right by you.
- This the same Rick that cuffed me to the rooftop in the first place? Forced me to cut off my own hand? This him we’re talking about here?